Helpful Links to Learn Coding

Today was my day one at The Iron Yard. I prepped going into this bootcamp with the mindset of getting as good as I could beforehand and using the bootcamp to solidify my knowledge. Here are a collection of good resources I found along my path!


Quizlet is a flashcard app that allows you to make your own flashcards or use decks created by other members. Say you want to learn command line a little better, well there are packs already made by people! Are you struggling with Git lingo? BOOM! There several different ways to study, too: multiple choice, short answer, matching terms and definitions! Great for learning the things that just have to be memorized (CSS, HTML tags/attributes, command line, Git commands, etc..).

Mega-List of React & Redux Tutorials

I have a feeling that this resource will be handy for years to come. Mark Erikson, the owner of this GitHub account has compiled a huge list of resources in regards to React, Redux, and JavaScript ES6 tutorials, articles, and examples. It’ll take a while to comb through this, but it’s definitely invaluable.


Udemy courses go on sale all the time for $10. There are courses here for almost everything you could want. The quality ranges, though, so do some research before deciding on which ones to go with.


I cannot speak to their paid content, but their free courses are very, very good.


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